Friday, August 18, 2017

Toolkit day!

Yesterday some of the Waikowhai Primary senior students were chosen to go to New Windsor primary school to represent our school student led tool kits. My first sessions was the incredibox and we had to get bonus we also had to make some music while I was there I got to bonus's here is some picture or me making music.

We also played around with code-tastrophe which is an online coding game you play to animate your name I think I got up to the level 13 and then we had to pack up and have lunch. When lunch was finished we had to meet in the hall to have a problem solving challenge from our school we had Izzy, Dora, Anuk ans Joyce but anyway I had a lot of fun and hope to go again here's some more picture of the day.
This is a picture of our problem solving tower. The goal for this was to make a structure made out of straws, tape and a cup the structure had to at least be 10 cm tall and our one was the tallest and it could hold the 100 grams of weight and I think we came first place but they said everyone is a winner.
Last but not least this is our whole senior group that went to represent out part of the student tool kit.
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Friday, August 11, 2017

Choir Practise!

Nevaeh here, Yesterday our school choir went to Glen Eden Intermediate to practise our song for our big event in November in the town hall when we practise the teacher that help are  Miss McGrath. Mr Lambert and last but not least Miss Ward. We practise 4 - 5 songs we had to stand up for all of the songs my legs were so sore and we started at 9:00 and our break was at 11:55 everyone was so hungry especially me then after we had a 5 minute break we sang some more songs at 1:00 we came back to school when we got to school we had lunch after lunch we had a taekwondo lesson then we went home.

Image result for choir image cartoon

Friday, July 28, 2017


Last term me and my class talked about Matariki. When we were talking about Matariki we had to make a google drawing and write a few facts that we know about Matariki I manged to
find out and write ten facts about Matariki. Most of the facts that you see on my google drawings I already knew but some were very hard to find because the same facts keep on coming up on every website that I went on but the whole process was fun and sometimes frustrating.
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Friday, June 23, 2017

Compare And Contrast!

Hi, Nevaeh here, last week we did a compare and contrast map with my reading group, we were talking about the different's in a story called Up The Pipe and it was about us using to much hair products and how we need to cut down the products and dish washing liquid. We also read a book called world's water running out, and that book was about how we are wasting to much water other wise we will have no more water and that means we are making a bad future for the kids and people that are still growing up so that is why we should not use these things to much. Feel free to comment.

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Rocket Lab Soars Into Space!

Hi Nevaeh here, last week we had reading cross overs in other classrooms I was in A class with Ms Sands and we made some info graphics about this article and you can find this article in kiwi kids news and I also hope you check it out and also don't forget to comment and follow me on my blog thank you bloggers bye. 

Painting the town

Hi Nevaeh here, this week we did some reading swap overs and I was in a class with Ms Sands we did some personal response on a book we read called Painting the Town by Renata Hopkins a personal response is when you ask the person that wrote the book questions and you liked and dislike in the book what you think they should improve. What it made you think about, what you didn't understand and what surprised you. so that's what a personal response is and that's what we did thins week and we thought it would be fun to post the piece of work. I loved the book it was a is was a really interesting book with all the paintings and detail. Feel free to comment and check my work out any time.
Screenshot+2017-06-09+at+09.36.41.png (528×430)

Personal Response - Painting the Town by Renata Hopkins

Friday, May 26, 2017

Moving In

 On Monday we moved into our new classrooms. The class's that moved in were Room seven, eight and nine but we have changed our classroom names and now room eight is manukau, room nine is Hauraki and my classroom is waitemata now we are one big group and we altogether are called Te Waka Ako. One of our wonderful hardworking teachers called Ms Sands made a canvas that said Te Waka Ako and had nice bright shapes and symbols in the background  if you've seen you can see all the symbols around our school and we had a grand opening of our new classrooms. Michael wood he had cut our ribbon. The kapahaka group that I was in got to preform in front of the whole school in the cold weather. So then the on that day we moved in and did some work and now we do everything in here but the worst bit was that were not aloud shoes inside because we have to keep the carpet clean and the teachers are not aloud as well and we don't get to eat our food inside but the rest is fine. Take a look at some of the photos. Feel free to leave a comment and share my blog with others.
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