Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Monday Fun Day

On Monday this week we had a wheels day. It wasn't really a wheels day for the senior syndicate because the middle school kids were on there wheels. So we only played games the whole day some of the game we played were capture the flag, T-ball and we also had a chill zone 
that had some board games that we could play. 

On the day we had a lot of fun playing and hanging out with my friends. Some of the kids were really board because it wasn't going there way. The highlight of the day was doing no work just having fun the whole day. The challenging parts were when I was scared to bat in T-ball because I was scared people might laugh if I do a mistake but I did a good job and I was so proud of myself. 

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Friday, December 8, 2017


My favourite highlight of the year was getting to be in the Waikowhai Primary school's netball team. On Saturday mornings we had to go to the windmill courts to play against 1 or 2 teams. At the end of the season we placed 2 in all of the schools that played. When the season finished we were so sad but then we found out that we had two teams that were going to zones. When we started we did so well then at the end both our teams came first in zones. 

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Here are some pictures!

Gala Day Thinking Hats!

 Hello blogging world, last week we started a slideshow about our gala day. This is to Reflect what we did in our 6 thinking hats. When we were done writing we had to add some colours, pictures and backgrounds. In the process some parts were really easy and some were hard like writing about what the negative things because everything was perfect.       


The slideshow had questions like what do we have to improve on and what we did well.
I forgot to say we were a success we made 13,400 dollars.
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Friday, November 17, 2017

Novel Study


  A few weeks ago we were given a book for our reading activity. I got a book called Dunger. With this book we had to read it then we had to write a review about it. My book was about two kids called Melissa and William they were promised a trip to queens town but when the time came there parents didn't have enough money. Then the kids were trapped into going to their grandparents Bach to clean. They were promised 1 thousand dollars each. At the end of the book they were in a hospital waiting room because their grandma had low blood pressure when the kids parents found they came. William was sleeping when he woke up he said he wasted 7 hours of his day. 

Did they get money?


Waitemata Soap!

In the few past weeks of school Te Waka Ako has been preparing things for our school gala. Our school gala is to raise money for our junior kids playground. .Waitemata  is making soap our soaps have different smells and colours some even have glitter. Some of the soaps are made of Shea butter and some are glycerine. Our Different smells are cotton candy, chocolate fudge, Ginger, Mango and Tangerine, mandarin and tangerine, Lemon, Oatmeal and Shea butter, Orange and mandarin, Triple butter last but not least lavender. We took a long thinking about how we were going to package them then Mr Ross came up with Idea of putting the smaller ones into shells and the bigger ones on a tray. We also had to make logo and labels. In the process of packing soap was the hardest because it was so hard to tie a ribbon around the soap. The easiest part was making the soap.
To make soap first you need to get some Shea butter then you put it in the microwave for a few minutes then take it out and put it into molds be quick and wait for them to harden then you can you them.
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Thursday, November 9, 2017

NZ Journey

At the start of the term our teachers made us a slideshow that was full of maths it was called NZ Journey. The Journey was about travelling to the different country's that were on the slide. The country's that we had to travel to from Auckland were Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown, omaru, Christchurch we had to catch a ferry to wellington then we went to Palmerston north
,  Rotorua then we got back to Auckland then cape Reniga and our trip was finished. In the Beginning we had to estimate how much money we were going to use I said 7000 dollars but ended up using 6133.32 dollars.We also had to hire a car I hired a juicy rental so I could sleep in it and not waste money on hotels.

Our daily budget was 500 hundred dollars a day and we had a lot of fun activities to do in each country's they were expensive and on some of the slides it said you had to go to places that were 200 hundred dollars and some that were under 20 dollars and they were boring. 

Friday, October 27, 2017

Nz Journey, Math

Kia Ora, last week Mr Ross made us a slide with a whole lot of maths. On one of the slides we had to calculate how much gas we are going to use when we travel we even had to find out how long it takes to get there. There was about 5 or 6 slides that was in between every forth slide and it was called a daily budgeting and we had to add up all the money we used that day our budget was 500 hundred dollars I went over that sometimes. Every where I travelled we had to pay for accommodation but I hired a juicy rental so I could stay at a camp site for a cheap amount of money.  Last but not least we could do activity's every where we went in Dunedin I choose to go to the Cadbury world.
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