Friday, September 29, 2017

Cyber Smart Map!

 Yesterday we had a cyber smart lesson and we had to go on the site my google maps. We had to mark a lot of different places like all the schools around mount roskill which is tui mai tui atu. We had to mark things like where you family comes from, the four clusters, the school we last commented on and 5 different country's that people have commented on my blog from. The hardest part of making your own map was adding layers and putting everything in the right place the second challenging thing was finding all the things we had to put on the map.
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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Magical World Of Science!

This week Waikowhai Primary School had a magical science show the people that came in to show us science and magic were Richard and Robyn. When they came in they showed us tricks that involve fire, rings, red balls, bubbles and nappies. Out of all of the tricks and magic my favourite part was the fire because he told us what we need to make fire and the three ingredients that you need are fuel, oxygen and heat. My second favourite part was when Richard made huge bubbles telling us what the thinnest object that human eyes can see and we found out that it was bubbles and that was very interesting because he made them so big. There was one bit were they told us they buy 2 boxes full of nappies so the can take out this kind of powder that is called polymer and that turns liquid into a solid.
I wonder how long it takes to get all the powder out of 2 boxes of nappies I also wonder how he was touching the fire with his bare hands did it burn him or heat him up.
Here is a picture of the magic! 
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Friday, September 8, 2017

My Camp Poem!

A few weeks ago we started a poem and that poem had to be about camp because 2 weeks ago we came back from camp and if you've seen my blog you would have seen my blog post about it. I named my poem Home Sick because it's about when I was back at home my mum use to make me eat a lot of meat and I missed it. When I was going to bed I had to take a seat with my old friend Pete that I made up as I was writing my poem so it could be longer and rhyme a bit more than it did with my other sentences. After we had written the poem we could get a A4 piece of paper and draw something about the poem. I drew a drumstick and myself holding meat, and going to the dinner table. Here are some pictures of the meat and my poem. While we were making the poem it was really challenging to make the drumstick perfect it was also very hard to make the poem rhyme and make scene.

Here is a picture of my poem!

Here is a picture of mt me with meat going to the dinner table!

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Friday, September 1, 2017

Camp Booklet's

Last week the senior school went on a school camp to Mount Ruapehu. Before we went we had to start making a slide show and we had to write  what we will do at camp and what we will not do . The slides were about our stops to the National Park where we stayed at when we were there for camp. My slides were about . Snowboarding I fell on my bum but most of the time we had to be really patient then the next day when we went snowboarding I had a lesson and I didn't fall as much as I did the first day and the snow felt like ice mast of the snow was ice. The challenges I had was to keep getting up when I fell over and learning how to stop at the end of the day I learnt how to stop and I didn't give up. When we came from camp we had to finish all the information pages about camp. The information pages were about the things we did and where we went. Then after we were done we could decorate our slides that means we could change the backgrounds and the font and even photos.
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Friday, August 18, 2017

Toolkit day!

Yesterday some of the Waikowhai Primary senior students were chosen to go to New Windsor primary school to represent our school student led tool kits. My first sessions was the incredibox and we had to get bonus we also had to make some music while I was there I got to bonus's here is some picture or me making music.

We also played around with code-tastrophe which is an online coding game you play to animate your name I think I got up to the level 13 and then we had to pack up and have lunch. When lunch was finished we had to meet in the hall to have a problem solving challenge from our school we had Izzy, Dora, Anuk ans Joyce but anyway I had a lot of fun and hope to go again here's some more picture of the day.
This is a picture of our problem solving tower. The goal for this was to make a structure made out of straws, tape and a cup the structure had to at least be 10 cm tall and our one was the tallest and it could hold the 100 grams of weight and I think we came first place but they said everyone is a winner.
Last but not least this is our whole senior group that went to represent out part of the student tool kit.
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Friday, August 11, 2017

Choir Practise!

Nevaeh here, Yesterday our school choir went to Glen Eden Intermediate to practise our song for our big event in November in the town hall when we practise the teacher that help are  Miss McGrath. Mr Lambert and last but not least Miss Ward. We practise 4 - 5 songs we had to stand up for all of the songs my legs were so sore and we started at 9:00 and our break was at 11:55 everyone was so hungry especially me then after we had a 5 minute break we sang some more songs at 1:00 we came back to school when we got to school we had lunch after lunch we had a taekwondo lesson then we went home.

Image result for choir image cartoon

Friday, July 28, 2017


Last term me and my class talked about Matariki. When we were talking about Matariki we had to make a google drawing and write a few facts that we know about Matariki I manged to
find out and write ten facts about Matariki. Most of the facts that you see on my google drawings I already knew but some were very hard to find because the same facts keep on coming up on every website that I went on but the whole process was fun and sometimes frustrating.
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